A new innovative startup from Australia has already joined our incubation program. Bubble.Global is raising $150k in this round of funding.

Bubble.Global is reinventing the health and well-being industries. By downloading the Bubble.Global app, your mobile device will guide you through interactive game-like scenarios that can be cast to television or screen. Movement of your body and stimulation of the mind control apps designed to engage members via Auditory, Physical, Visual and Mental challenges and solve many of the reasons people don’t or can’t achieve their physical goals or maintain a healthy lifestyle. No expensive equipment is necessary and the app will allow people to train at home and compete with each other or have their own progress plan.

We are excited to have Bubble.Global joining our incubation program. Mr. Hesham Zreik of FasterCapital comments: “We are very enthusiastic toward the idea and product. We believe fitness and training could solve a lot of health problems worldwide and Bubble.Global is addressing the challenge with an innovative, easy to use and low-cost product.”. Mr. Paul Warren the founder of Bubble.Global said: “We had the idea of the product and it seemed that technically there’s a big challenge. I was looking around for a strong team who can back me up and make my vision come true. I was delighted to learn about FasterCapital’s incubation program and when they said that they will become my technical founder, I felt comfortable as I found the right team who can be up to the challenge”.

18 Mar 2019